On-Demand Health and Nutrition Counseling for Everyone!

We're here to help you piece together the nutrition puzzle. In order to lead a healthy life, you need to know the science behind the foods that will make you feel and perform the best. Everyone has different health goals based on their age, activity levels, and physical limitations, but we can pinpoint your exact dietary needs and create a plan that will work great for you.


If you've tried everything but can't reach your health goals, let us be your guide. We specialize in one-on-one counseling and know how to help you feel your best.

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Managing pain from certain medical conditions can be very difficult, but improving your nutrition can often help alleviate the pain you feel.


We give you access to the support and guidance you need from wherever you are! Our sessions can be completed via Skype, Phone, Email, or even Text Messaging!

How EazeHealthPlan Works...

Our nutritional health & wellness team are proficient, qualified and grounded in research. Our proven approach to health plans that meet your physical, mental, and emotional needs is second to none and we guarantee your satisfaction. We use the latest research to develop programs that are right for every client that we meet.


Your nutritionist will get to know you and your diet so they can identify how the foods you eat everyday are affecting your body.


Once your nutritionist gets to know you, they will work with you on a personalized health plan that will help you reach your goals.


Along with your personalized health plan, your nutritionist will share recipes for healthy meals and suggest snacks and beverages to help you deal with cravings.


Your nutritionist will help motivate you by keeping track of your progress and sending you daily reminders of your health objectives.

What are the Three Steps for Success?

Step 1

Sign up for your first nutrition counselling appointment.

Speaking with our experts is the first step towards a healthier life!

Step 2

Don't worry about small slip-ups.

If your eating habits get off track, forgive yourself and get back to business the next day.

Step 3

Lean on your personal nutritionist.

If you ever need advice, your health advisor will always be there to.

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Our personal health advisement is available to our clients for only $1 per minute. You are never tied down by a contract and can use our service as you please.

After you sign up with this form, you will have access to Skype/Phone/Webcam sessions with your health specialist. Get started today and get control of your health.